People love the classic look of a brick-paved driveway, brick-paver sidewalk, or even a patio. Brick pavers are popular here in Upstate, SC. You must regularly do preventative maintenance to keep your brick paver driveway, sidewalk, and patio looking new. Here are some things to consider for maintaining pavers.

Always Clean Brick Surfaces.

Brick, of course, has a porous surface. If you seal them over time, they will start to hold dirt. If you live in a humid area, you can also have mold and algae growing on the pavers. Removing the build-up will give your curb appeal and slow the deterioration of the brick material. Renting a power washer to remove the dirt build-up isn’t a simple solution. You could do more damage to your pavers by trying to pressure wash them. If you have sealed your driveway, it may be protected for 3-5 years, depending on the brand of sealer and how it is applied. If left unsealed, your driveway, walkway, or patio might be shorter-lived before replacement is needed. 

Brick Pavers

How to Clean Brick Paver Surfaces

The brick pavers are similar to non-pressure roof cleaning equipment, which is safer and more effective for preserving roof shingles. Hiring a professional Pressure Washing Service in your area is highly recommended. This will ensure that your pavers are cleaned correctly the very first time.

Brick Paver Maintenance

If you find a damaged paver upon inspection, don’t think you need to replace your driveway or pathways. It is relatively easy to fix a bad brick or patch. As long as you have the same size and type of brick, they will fit together just like a jigsaw puzzle. That is what helps them with shifting and structural integrity.

Contact your local pressure washing company in Upstate, SC, to clean your pavers professionally. Also, ask them if they may also do sealing. Most will offer a Free Estimate.  

Cleaning your brick pavers, First Class Exterior Cleaning, LLC, South Carolina 04/20/2021